Much to contrary belief, LinkedIn is not just for individuals to share online versions of their resumes and career highlights. It is also used by businesses as a successful social media marketing tool, to not only promote their own business but to market themselves to potential consumers or employees. With studies showing that LinkedIn has had over 9 billion content impressions and is the number one rated social network for lead generation, it is time for businesses to start looking towards LinkedIn for their marketing efforts.


Business LinkedIn Page

If you haven’t already, create a business account rather than a personal one. A business account allows you to join a particular industry within the platform.


Regular & Consistent Posting

Keep your audience engaged by regular posting. It’s all good and well to post but you also need to look further into what you are posting. Sharing published blogs as posts is a great option. Not only is this type of content insightful to your readers, it is also a great opportunity to showcase the skills and knowledge that your business has to offer.


Rich Media

Despite what many believe, LinkedIn doesn’t need to be boring and serious all of the time just because it is career related.  LinkedIn studies show that content that includes imagery on average achieves 98% more comments than those posts without. Include images or even videos / YouTube links in your posts to capture your audience’s attention.


LinkedIn Algorithm

LinkedIn are quite open when it comes to their algorithm and the process behind what content gets shown. Get ahead of the game and ensure that your content is algorithm friendly so that you can achieve high engagement rates. To do so you will need:


  • High quality content (otherwise the bots will rank your content as low)
  • Initial user engagement (likes, comments and shares on your posts)
  • Spam checks (ensure your account is updated constantly and is time relevant to what is occurring within your business).


LinkedIn Ads

Did you know you can have sponsored ads for LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a great platform to target your audience due to the information that the platform has already received from each individual (professional industry, skills & endorsements, interests & certifications).


  • Sponsored Content: Sponsored ads that can allow you to reach a wider audience
  • Sponsored InMail: LinkedIn’s version of email, which allows you to send customised ads to members inboxes.
  • Text Ads: Appear on the homepage, profiles, group and industry pages, etc.


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