A business’ success often relies on how well it can market and sell its products and services, which are geared towards solving your customer’s real-life problem. Naturally, a product or service is purchased or obtained because it addresses a specific need. But in today’s highly competitive market, more and more businesses are understanding that it is not enough to solve a problem or provide a solution. They have to market their products and services to the right people at the right time in order to make a sale. If you are a finance firm providing a range of services and products, you’re probably not the only one in the city. This is where marketing comes in. Marketing helps pave the way for you to remain at the forefront of your market despite having competitors that offer similar products and services. So how do you develop effective financial services marketing or insurance marketing strategies if your core competencies lie in providing financial services and not marketing? You enlist the help of a marketing specialist. Marketing agencies exist to provide expertise on marketing different types of products and services, no matter what industry your business operates in. As a business looking to stay competitive in your field, you may find that enlisting the help of a marketing specialist will bring you several business benefits.

How Your Marketing Specialist Can Help Improve Your Business

Marketing specialists can create new, cost-effective opportunities for your business.

Marketing your products and services can be a difficult feat especially if you have no background or experience in the different types of marketing. Marketing specialists, on the other hand, can provide you with sound advice on how to move forward with different marketing activities that suits your message, objectives, and product. Marketing specialists can provide new, cost-effective opportunities to sell your product, such as advertising online through Google Ads, search engine optimization, social media, and other digital marketing platforms. Your overall strategy may include a combination of these activities. But before you can come up with a strategy, you must know who your target audiences and potential customers are. This is where marketing specialists can come in handy.

Develop effective financial services marketing or insurance marketing strategies for your finance company.

Marketing specialists help improve your business by developing a marketing strategy composed of different types of activities that effectively reach your target audience. They do this through market research, which involves defining your buyer persona, their demographics, their needs, and their buying habits. These extensive research activities might be something you as a business may not excel in, unless your in-house marketing team has extensive background in the field. Marketing specialists can help you properly determine your buyer persona so you can identify which marketing touchpoints they respond to the best and then use the data to come up with strategies to help propel them further into the marketing funnel.

Increase brand awareness and help develop relevant content marketing for your potential customers.

Part of the marketing process is increasing awareness about your business. Whether you’re in the business of education, law, or IT, your goal is to be recognized by your peers in the industry and those who need your products or services. When developing education marketing, law firm marketing, or IT marketing strategies, marketing specialists can help you formulate content marketing plans that effectively target the right audiences for you. Content marketing entails crafting articles, thought leadership, opinion pieces, videos, blogs, social media posts, photos, and other content for your intended audience. These content marketing products must provide useful information for your audience, so that they can see your business as a dependable resource for when they need a solution to their real-life problem. Your marketing specialist can help you build your brand to be one that is trusted and reliable.

Improve better leads and nurture them to their full buying potential.

Lead generation is defined by Hubspot as “the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects into someone who has indicated interest in your company’s product or service.” It is important that throughout the lead generation process, you’re reaching the right people who are more likely to purchase your products or services, to maximise your marketing investment. Whether you’re developing manufacturing marketing strategies or industrial marketing strategies, it’s important that you know who your target audience is and what they need, to help move them forward in the marketing funnel. Marketing specialists can help you develop better websites and landing pages that will help leads find what they want on your website and make the first move, to call your business or even purchase online, if you have that capability.

Facilitate customer retention and growth.

One purchase makes a customer but keeping that customer for life to return and purchase more of your products and services is another story entirely. This is where marketing comes in. As a business, you’d love for one person to buy your product one time. But wouldn’t it be great if that customer returned to buy more? Your business outcome will significantly change when you invest in retaining existing customers. In fact, Hubspot reports that customer retention doesn’t only result in greater ROI, it also costs 5% to 25% less to keep them. The Harvard Business Review cites research conducted by Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company, which reveals how a 5% increase in customer retention rates result in a 25% to 29% increase in profits. The challenge now here is developing such customer retention strategies, which fall under marketing. This is where your marketing specialist can come in handy. As with determining your buyer persona, marketing specialists also define your customer persona, finding out their motivations, needs, and wants, and providing them with post-customer care and retention activities that will help them become more inclined to repurchase the same product or develop an interest in your other products or services.

If you are looking to increase brand awareness, get better leads, improve customer retention, or simply want to get advice on the benefits of marketing for your business, get in touch with marketing specialists at The Lead Agency today. Our marketing specialists are experienced professionals who are adept insurance marketing, financial services marketing, law firm marketing, industrial marketing, manufacturing marketing, technology marketing, IT marketing, education marketing, and more, aiding you to create better outcomes for your business.